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Grand Rock
So it took longer than I expected. And I couldn’t get my head around the way it worked for a while. Was pleased to have the choice between a conventional sale or a ‘lease now buy later’ scenario. Glad I went with the later as I am getting a much better price overall. Would recommend.
A Lyons
I’ve been a landlord for 10 years. I was just tired and worried about the tax changes. I thought I couldn’t sell because of a hefty capital gain. GrandRock sorted that one quickly, and suggested buying my properties over a period of time to maximize my personal allowances. Absolutely brilliant and straightforward. Thank you!
M Morgan
I never thought selling my 6 investment properties to one buyer could be so straightforward and easy. What I liked most about dealing with GrandRock was that they did exactly what they said they were going to do. Their approach to buying my property was unconventional, but absolutely made perfect sense once explained. What they do may not be for everyone, but it was the best way for me to sell up.
Henry B
I had a call back from the gentlemen at GrandRock within an hour of contacting them. From there email communication was relevant and polite, and things moved on fast. Joseph was able to arrange to meet me a week later and I was impressed with the written offer I got a week after that. From start to finish it took 4 weeks to sell my investment properties in Birmingham and Nottingham. This is not the kind of service that I will be using again, but I’d say to anyone looking to sell a portfolio – get in touch.
Richard Musket
Rowley Regis
This is the modern way to sell a property portfolio. I loved it! Saved me a ton of money on agents’ fees, spared me the uncertainty and there was no messing about – just a get up and can do attitude from the people at the business end. That for me was worth its weight in gold. No hesitations in recommending to any property owner looking to sell.
Nick Johnson
I didn’t think anyone would want to buy my properties. They were worth less than when I bought them in 2007, and not in the best condition. That didn’t faze the team. It didn’t matter that there was 300 miles between them either. Great service, solid buyer, got a great result.
Sarah Davies
S Wales
I’ve been to auction. I’ve tried the estate agents. I couldn’t sell the last 15 properties of a much bigger portfolio then I came across GrandRock after a google search. So pleased. No fees. No drama. Just good open dialogue and action!
Jane G


What we can do to help you

Free consultation
Free Consultation
Qualified analysis of your portfolio and circumstances

Your situation and requirements are unique. Book a free consultation and one of our directors will give you a call to discuss what you need to achieve.

Our directors always handle consultations. This enables us to quickly get a deep understanding of your needs and properly tailor an offer to your specific circumstances.

Buying portfolios

When we buy a portfolio, we closely manage the entire process. We oversee the legal teams, communicate regularly with you on progress and deal with any tenant hand overs.

We ensure that the whole process runs as smoothly, simply and transparently as possible.

Asset Management
Asset Management
Operating and improving portfolio assets

Our role in managing the assets we look after is not only to operate them to their best effect, but also to transform portfolios per the individual strategy.

We are experienced investors ourselves, and manage all the properties under our care as if they were our own.

We work with our investors to agree the best strategy for each portfolio and unit.

Managed Portfolio Investments
Managed Portfolio Investments
Property investments that are controlled, consistent and transparent

We often provide fully managed portfolio investments. This means that we take care of the property and tenant management as if the portfolio was our own, with the benefit of years of experience and all the knowledge and care that this brings.

However, we also manage the portfolio as an investment. This means that we use our experience to optimise the potential returns of the portfolio for the elected strategy and that we provide consistent and regular reporting, so that you can monitor the performance of your portfolio.

Portfolio Sales
Portfolio Sales
Selling assets

We put the same care into selling assets as we do into buying and managing them. The sale process is closely managed from start to finish, and we pride ourselves on transparent and regular communication.

We sell assets per the individual strategy for the portfolio and investor, timed to optimise the desired results.

Our Story

Grandrock is a partnership of experienced property investors with over 8 decades’ experience in property between us.

We understand that selling portfolios is often considerably more challenging than building them in the first place. With complex personal circumstances, market changes, tax changes and problem properties thrown into the mix it can be a painful and lengthy process.

We are often approached by newer or more experienced investors who are seeking to acquire or build their own portfolios. Some have a lack of experience others lack opportunity. Many of our investors wanted to “learn-on-the-job” and many more wanted a complete hands off investment.

Grandrock was born out of a desire to assist in overcoming these challenges.

Contact Us

If you are thinking of selling your portfolio, or are exploring opportunities to expand or establish your asset base then get in touch now using the form or contact details below:



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